Mid-Winter Sale! Trimetric Kits an extra $10 off!
Mid-Winter Sale! Trimetric Kits an extra $10 off!
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SC-2030 Bogart solar charge controller
top view bogart sc-2030 charge controller
Kamloops Automation

SC-2030 Charge Controller comes with Communication Cable and Temperature Sensor

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Bogart Engineering's charge controller, the perfect match for the world famous TriMetric Battery Monitor.

NEW in 2017! Includes 25 foot communication cable that connects to the TM-2030 TriMetric battery monitor and the temperature sensor designed to allow the SC-2030 respond to varying temperatures ensuring your battery is charged properly at all times!

High efficiency charging at lower cost than MPPT chargers–but for good efficiency must be used only with “12V” or “24V” (about 17 or 35 volt Vpp-max power point) solar panels for high efficiency. These are usually described as “12 volt” or “24 volt” panels. Other type panels require a more expensive MPPT type charger for high efficiency.

● For 12 or 24 V battery systems: AGM, Gel or Liquid Electrolyte batteries.

● Up to 30 amps maximum solar current. Charger will safely reduce output if panel current exceeds 31 amps.

● Optional Temperature compensation if temperature sensor is used.

● Small size: 3 x 5 1/4 x 2 3/4 inches; 7.6 X 13.3 X 7 cm.

● Easy programming for charging your batteries: In most cases entering all data is accomplished by selecting the appropriate charging profile for your type of batteries and then entering your battery capacity.

● If TM-2030 disconnected: charger still functions–but at the level of simpler charge controllers.

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