SC-2030 Charge Controller (now comes with communication cable)

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Bogart Engineering's charge controller, the perfect match for the world famous TriMetric Battery Monitor.

NEW June 2017! Includes 25 foot communication cable that connects to the TM-2030 TriMetric battery monitor.

High efficiency charging at lower cost than MPPT chargers–but for good efficiency must be used only with “12V” or “24V” (about 17 or 35 volt Vpp-max power point) solar panels for high efficiency. These are usually described as “12 volt” or “24 volt” panels. Other type panels require a more expensive MPPT type charger for high efficiency.

● For 12 or 24 V battery systems: AGM, Gel or Liquid Electrolyte batteries.

● Up to 30 amps maximum solar current. Charger will safely reduce output if panel current exceeds 31 amps.

● Optional Temperature compensation if temperature sensor is used.

● Small size: 3 x 5 1/4 x 2 3/4 inches; 7.6 X 13.3 X 7 cm.

● Easy programming for charging your batteries: In most cases entering all data is accomplished by selecting the appropriate charging profile for your type of batteries and then entering your battery capacity.

● If TM-2030 disconnected: charger still functions–but at the level of simpler charge controllers.

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